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Brand story

Build a platform for more excellent talents in the air separation industry to realize their own rank

In August 2014, Suzhou XITE High Purity Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, specializing in the manufacture of oxygen and nitrogen generators and their spare parts.

In October, the company was successfully registered.

In December, the self-developed** touch panel oxygen concentrator was launched.

In June 2015, the company prepared to open a branch in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province---Suzhou XITE High Purity Gas Equipment Co.

In October, the registration was successful, and Yancheng has our** branch office.

In November, Yancheng branch officially started construction!

In February 2016, Suzhou XITE headquarters prepared to open a special channel for international foreign trade.

In June, the official start of the foreign trade road towards Seagate, so far, Seagate began to serve the international community to serve customers in various countries.

In November, the company officially announced the successful establishment of international foreign trade, harvesting the international customers praise!

May 2017, due to the headquarters of the geographical location of space is not enough, the company discussed the decision: relocation of the headquarters of XITE!

In July, after two months of painstaking search, we finally found a suitable location and site for the future development of the headquarters!

August, Suzhou XITE headquarters officially began to move!

In September, XITE relocation was completed, XITE headquarters officially moved to Suzhou Xiangcheng District, Huang Dai Town, No. 8 police road, Suzhou XITE headquarters officially expanded to 11,000 square meters!

In June 2018, Dongtai XITE Division officially decided to build a second factory manufacturing site on the basis of the location of the original factory, in a vacant lot on the side officially started construction.

In January 2020, the second plant of Dongtai XITE Division completed the construction and started to implement the internal decoration and planning.

In October 2020, the second plant of Dongtai XITE Division officially started the construction of oxygen and nitrogen generators!

In August 2021, Suzhou XITE headquarters joined the Made in China network, again expanding the international trade this road, but also to let international customers know the quality of Made in China!