Metal Processing

In order to reduce the risk of metal damage and corrosion during processing,
many jewelers have added nitrogen generators in their manufacturing process
to form a barrier between the metal and the environment.

50m3/h PSA nitrogen generator for metal product annealing treatment

At Suzhou XITE, we supplied a 50m3/h capacity PSA nitrogen generator to our customer. The generator has been operating efficiently for over a decade ...

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Hydrogen extraction equipment with a purity of 99.9998% for 60m3/h in metal injection/sintering process

XITE successfully supplied and commissioned 2 hydrogen plants in 2022 for a large global supplier of precision engineered products.Why sintering with ...

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300 m3/h nitrogen generator with deaeration system for bright annealing of copper and copper-nickel alloys

XITE supplied a nitrogen plant to a large Chinese manufacturer and exporter of seamless extruded copper, copper alloy products, copper-nickel alloys ...

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On-site hydrogen production helps manufacturers achieve goals for metalworking companies

Our standard is to produce compact, safe and reliable on-site hydrogen generato - Suzhou XITE has been supplying the metallurgical industry with hydr ...

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N2 inerting system

Suzhou XITE is a turnkey designer, manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen inerting systems for coal mills. Our systems coist of a nitrogen generator s ...

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Suzhou XITE has italled a nitrogen generator for die casting with a purity of 99.9%, a working pressure of 5 KG/CM2 and a power of 30 m3/h.Suzhou XIT ...

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Nitrogen generators for heat treatment applications

Gas generation, Nitrogen, PSA nitrogen generatorNitrogen is widely used as a gas that can replace oxygen and other undesirable gases. Nitrogen itsel ...

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Application of hydrogen in metal injection molding/sintering process

Ammonia cracking units are used to crack ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen, and XITE is involved in the design, manufacture and export of ammonia c ...

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Application of nitrogen in bright annealing of copper and copper-nickel alloys

PSA nitrogen generator, nitrogen generator, nitrogen gasSuzhou XITE has italled a 75Nm3/Hr nitrogen generator with 99.5% purity and 6KG/CM2 working ...

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