Depending on the auxiliary gas used, laser cutting can be divided into two
types of cutting: oxygen and nitrogen.

Laser cutting with nitrogen in the industrial sector

Nitrogen is an inert gas that has many uses due to its unique properties. Its inertness proves useful when driving laser cutting machines because it d ...

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Application of Nitrogen in Laser Cutting

Control the water pressure of the focusing mirror (generally metal reflection focusing system). If the size of the beam before focusing becomes smalle ...

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Nitrogen generators used in the laser cutting process

Nitrogen generato (PSA technology) for improving the efficiency of laser cutting machinesNitrogen generato produce high purity nitrogen for laser cutt ...

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Laser Cutting with Nitrogen - Plasma/Laser Cutting Auxiliary Gas

The industrial use of nitrogen cove a wide variety of manufacturing processes. From food and beverage manufacturing to brewing, electronic component ...

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Industrial oxygen generators in metal and metallurgical cutting applications

 The concept of laser cutting  The CO2 laser beam is directed at the material surface through the nozzle, the material absorbs energy in to a molt ...

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Application of nitrogen generator in laser cutting field

The nitrogen generator is extremely beneficial to the manufacturing business and enterprises that provide precision laser cutting services. The use of ...

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