Application of oxygen generator in medical and nursing fields

The application of high-tech integrated medical molecular sieve
oxygen production equipment will change the traditional mode that
small and medium-sized hospitals provide oxygen by oxygen plants.
Hospitals can produce oxygen for clinical use.

China Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Concentrator for Hospital

Release date:2022-10-10    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] China Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Concentrator for Hospital

China high quality medical oxygen generators for hospitals

China High Quality Hospital Oxygen Concentrator - China Medical Oxygen Concentrator has been installed and operated in various hospitals in China. Medical grade oxygen produced by medical oxygen generators is supplied to ICU (Intensive Care Unit), OT (Operating Room). It is also used as a substitute for nitrous oxide during anesthesia to reduce high levels of oxygen exposure. Currently, the source of medical oxygen is a cylinder manifold. Now, smart hospitals are using on-site medical oxygen generators and backup cylinders to get the benefits of medical oxygen generators. Hospitals around the world are realizing that onsite medical oxygen generators offer a highly reliable and economical solution. For their patients' oxygen needs, an on-site oxygen generator is the solution. It avoids the cost of purchasing, receiving and monitoring the hospital's oxygen supply. Costly daily resupply, manual injuries and expensive cylinder inventory add to the expense. Cylinder delivery can also be very expensive if the oxygen supplier is in a remote location. Hospitals can run out of medical oxygen using cylinders if operators are not careful. As a top manufacturer of medical oxygen generators, XITEch Technologies offers complete medical oxygen generation, storage and distribution systems.

A) Medical Oxygen Concentrator Technology

Medical oxygen generators are proven to be life-saving machines for hospitals with medical grade oxygen that meets the nationally required standard of 93%-96%. On-site medical grade PSA oxygen generators are completely safe, reliable and durable, providing uninterrupted 24*7 oxygen to patient beds. Use is free from interruptions, blockages, hazardous conditions and irregularities. Hospitals that use traditional procurement methods, using cylinders or bulk liquid oxygen tanks, experience regular problems. Hospitals using on-site medical oxygen generator technology can safely, reliably and consistently supply oxygen on demand. XITE medical grade PSA oxygen generators are providing life-saving oxygen to hospitals worldwide. Whether your hospital requirement is 99%, 95% or 90%, we have the right oxygen generator for your needs. See the different oxygen percentages for each country's pharmacopoeia. The technology used to produce medical grade oxygen is the variable pressure adsorption method. Compressed air is passed through and oxygen comes out of one PSA bed as a product gas, while the other PSA bed is regenerated simultaneously by depressurizing to atmospheric pressure.

Why medical oxygen generator technology is the best technology for hospitals is not a question.

- Smart hospitals are already using on-site medical oxygen generators. They save money, save lives, and the hospital doesn't have to care about the service part. - The service requirements for medical oxygen generators are minimal. It is negligible compared to the various tasks and operations required for cylinder sets or bulk liquid oxygen tanks/bottles. - Medical Oxygen Concentrator technology has been adopted by the U.S. Army and Army hospitals, so the safety and reliability of the technology has never been questioned. All you need is to find the right company who can provide you with a product and provide as high a quality of service support as you can imagine. See the benefits of medical oxygen generators. So let us save you money and time, make your hospital safer and more reliable, and gain peace of mind for your patients. Get in touch with us today!

B) Size-packaging.

The best option for supplying medical grade oxygen to hospitals is on-site production. The best medical oxygen generators for hospitals in China are available in different sizes and packaging. They are designed to be uniform and provide hospitals with an international class experience. The medical oxygen generators are equipped with online oxygen analyzers to check the purity of the oxygen to ensure that everything operates according to hospital standards and complies with Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards.

On the hospital side, we offer three different plans.

Standard Plan.

The standard plan has a medical oxygen generator unit with a cylinder manifold system as a back-up supply. Using the existing Medical Oxygen Piping System (MOGPS), the medical oxygen equipment is directly connected to it. The switchover panel acts as a control system. It will switch to the cylinder manifold that serves as the backup supply for the medical oxygen equipment.

Premium option.

This is the most popular arrangement. Two medical oxygen generators are connected and the other one acts as a backup. In addition, a cylinder manifold is connected for further emergency backup. Large hospitals are visited by thousands of patients every day. These hospitals need the safest way to meet the higher demand for oxygen. No hospital can afford to take any kind of risk. Medical oxygen is the heart of the hospital and it is really important to us (XITE) to keep your heart beating.

C) Safety for your medical oxygen generator.

Oxygen purity.

Medical oxygen generators are equipped with an online oxygen analyzer that shows the purity of oxygen at all times.

Continuous delivery.

First and foremost, a continuous and uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen is the most important thing. To ensure this, the medical oxygen concentrator is equipped with a flow meter. This instrument provides a continuous, uninterrupted supply of medical grade oxygen to the patient's bed.

Audio-visual alerts.

Any unusual activity will sound an alarm. All kinds of error-free situations will be avoided. XITE ensures the well-being of the hospital, as this is our primary goal. In addition, any unwanted signs will activate the alarms equipped in the medical oxygen generators. In addition, the generated alarm directs the operator to the site. As a result, the operator contacts XITE Shield Support/the nearest distributor for online troubleshooting.

Special filtration.

Equipped with a range of air and special bacteria filters to ensure that the medical oxygen supplied to your hospital is free of any impurities.

D) Medical Oxygen Concentrators for Medical Use.

Medical oxygen generators are the heart of the medical industry and have the blessing of PSA technology. All hospitals use medical oxygen and it would be impossible to function without medical grade oxygen. The question is how and where to buy medical oxygen? The answer is simple, XITEch Technologies is committed to providing medical oxygen generators only to hospitals, wherever they are located. Smaller hospitals were not considered. The reason is that small hospitals have low budgets and less need for medical grade oxygen. However, XITE offers customized small medical oxygen generators to ensure that no hospital goes unnoticed. For very small hospitals, our medical oxygen generators are the primary oxygen supply. Small hospitals with 3 or 4 beds use medical oxygen generators. Secondary equipment (gas or liquid oxygen cylinders) is used as a backup. Based on facts and research, on-site medical oxygen generators have been used by hospitals around the world. Even the U.S. Army and defense departments around the world use them for artillery applications.

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