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Compressor for oxygen cylinder filling

Release date:2022-10-11    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Compressor for oxygen cylinder filling

Today we are going to discuss oxygen compressors that use medical oxygen generators for filling oxygen cylinders. In the hospital industry, one of the most important necessities is having an adequate supply of medical grade oxygen. All doctors are trying to save the lives of their patients. But what if at a very critical moment, the oxygen in the cylinder becomes unavailable? What if the actual volume of surgeries on a given day exceeds the expected volume of surgeries? Where will you arrange for medical oxygen at the last minute? Ever thought about that? We bet not, but don't worry, because we will provide you with a very affordable and reasonable solution to this problem. Using oxygen compressors to fill oxygen cylinders will help all levels of hospitals to become advanced and independent. Lack of oxygen is a common situation in many hospitals and this leads to a decline in the goodwill of the hospital. Not only is the reputation affected, but valuable human lives are at risk. We will tell you what we can do to solve the problem of oxygen deprivation at critical times in hospitals.

What is an oxygen compressor and where is it used?

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Compressor for oxygen cylinder filling

We all know that air contains a mixture of all gases. Medical oxygen generators separate the other gases from the oxygen by PSA (Pressure Variable Adsorption) technology. The stored oxygen is transferred directly to the hospital through the hospital's existing medical gas piping system. Such medical oxygen generators are very reliable and cost effective, but to maintain an additional backup in case the worst happens, hospitals often keep oxygen cylinders as a backup. Unlike traditional oxygen cylinders that are ordered daily by the hospital purchasing manager (or delivered by a vendor), if you have a high pressure oxygen compressor or booster installed on your medical oxygen machine, these cylinders will fill automatically. The oxygen compressor or booster stores oxygen in cylinders at a pressure of 150barg, with a recommended backup of 2 days.

Why do we need an oxygen compressor to fill oxygen cylinders?

Now you may be wondering why a medical oxygen machine cannot automatically fill cylinders if it is already installed in the hospital. Why do we need an oxygen compressor to fill the cylinders? The answer is simple and logical. Storing oxygen in a cylinder requires high pressure, and to store something at high pressure, there must be external pressure. This external pressure is provided by the oxygen booster. Whenever the main supply (medical oxygen generator) is shut off from the medical gas piping system, the cylinder will automatically start releasing oxygen and this is how it works. In short, the oxygen compressor or booster installed with the medical oxygen generator helps to store the oxygen in the cylinder as a backup. Oxygen is stored in the cylinder at a pressure of 150 bar. Both cylinders and medical oxygen generators are connected to the same pipeline and the main source of supply depends on the wishes of the customer.

Why do you need an oxygen compressor to fill oxygen cylinders?

We all know that supplying oxygen cylinders through a supplier includes daily refilling, transportation costs, middleman fees and various other miscellaneous fees. This makes your oxygen cylinders more expensive than their actual cost. When you have turned to medical oxygen generators, you may not like the idea of ordering several oxygen cylinders. This will cost you more. In this case, it would be much cheaper to install an oxygen compressor to fill the oxygen cylinders. In the long run, the cost will be lower because the original cost will be covered in a few months. In addition, there is always a risk of oxygen shortage at important moments. If you have an oxygen compressor, then this risk becomes negligible as well, because this technology fills the cylinders automatically. If your hospital is located in a hilly area or in an earthquake-prone zone, it is not so easy to transport oxygen cylinders, time and time again. You will also need additional storage space, or even a warehouse to store these oxygen cylinders. Installing oxygen cylinders will ensure that you don't have to put in any extra effort. Also, we will not forget to mention that this outstanding technology is non-polluting, low maintenance and safe.

Filling cylinders with an oxygen compressor or booster

Oxygen compressors or intensifiers can be used to fill cylinders. Oxygen compressors can also be used to store high-pressure oxygen in customized storage tanks made by XITE. The choice is yours, depending on the availability of space. The main difference between filled cylinders and storage tanks is that oxygen in cylinders is stored at a pressure of 150 bar. Whereas in a customized storage tank, it is stored at 30 bar grams. Therefore, a cylinder can be customized for more days, but the ultimate function, i.e. providing backup, is still the same. You should definitely move to an oxygen booster from your local oxygen cylinder supplier. If you want to know the further advantages of oxygen booster for cylinder filling, then you can click here.

Where can I buy an oxygen compressor from?

If you are interested in using this better technology to eliminate the risk of oxygen deficiency, then you can contact us. We at XITE understand your requirements and expectations, so we will provide you with medical oxygen generators as well as oxygen booster and other customizable options with guaranteed results-oriented solutions and customer service support. We are one of the few companies in the world that offer such machines with the aim of transforming the healthcare sector. Contact us today and work towards building goodwill for your hospital.

Why choose us?

As mentioned earlier, we are one of the few companies in the world to offer such machines. As such, we have the level of experience and understanding that your hospital needs. We are a certified service provider and we have excellent customer service. Our machines meet the standards set by the world pharmacopoeia and we are committed to providing the desired results with full assurance of safety. Space requirements are not very high either. We make the machines compact according to your space availability. Our aim is not just to make a profit. We want to spread awareness about medical oxygen generators so that more people will not die from lack of oxygen.

Benefits of having your own on-site oxygen generator:

Before using the oxygen generation system on site, many enterprises have no choice but to buy Oxygen elsewhere. However, the use of on-site oxygen generator can eliminate all the troubles related to bulk purchase of oxygen. Our oxygen generator is an option with the greatest benefit: the average cost of producing oxygen by ourselves is one-third to one-half lower than the cost associated with purchasing oxygen. Using the on-site oxygen generator system, there is no need to pay the freight when purchasing oxygen. Our oxygen generator system usually allows you to recover the cost within 18 months.

In addition to economy, the oxygen generator system of the on-site oxygen generator also provides:

Reliability - the oxygen generator system on site uses the surrounding air to generate oxygen. Therefore, our customers never have to worry about the lack of oxygen. Reduce stress - improve safety through storage. Simple - we make it easy for people without relevant equipment experience. The visual touch screen control can control the stability of gas purity. At the same time, it can operate self diagnosis, visual operation diagram and maintenance plan reminder on the screen. Flexibility - our equipment is small and can be transported under various conditions, so as long as there is air and electricity, the equipment can operate stably anywhere. Fully automatic - once a downstream request is detected, production begins.

Why use Xite oxygen generator?

Our oxygen generator system provides reliable on-site oxygen supply for various industries, which is famous in China and Southeast Asia. Our on-site oxygen system can produce oxygen with purity up to 99.999%. For our oxygen generator, it can meet the oxygen production in any place and any complex environment. To learn more about the oxygen generator system and the practical application demand scheme in your industry, please contact us immediately at + 86 18112526805 (consultant).

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