Application of aerobic in microbial fermentation engineering

In aerobic deep culture, the availability of oxygen is always one of the
important limiting factors for successful fermentation. Increased ventilation
efficiency reduces the amount of air used and further reduces the chance of
foam formation or bacterial contamination.

The most important yeast nutrient in beer brewing, nitrogen

Release date:2022-07-30    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] The most important yeast nutrient in beer brewing, nitrogen

Yeast nutrition is an important factor in overall health and fermentation success. Monitoring yeast health and managing nutrient requirements not only allows for proper and complete fermentation, but also improves the sensory perception of the beer.

Nitrogen, the most important yeast nutrient, is a key factor that has a significant impact on fermentation. Likewise, other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and salts are critical for yeast cells to thrive and perform at their best. But what happens when there is a deficiency of these nutrients? Or what if there are not enough nutrients in the wort? Well, there are many possibilities, such as slow/stagnant fermentation, yeast stress, off-flavor production, etc.

Yeast gets most of its nutrients from brewing ingredients. In some cases, if a large amount of auxiliary ingredients are used, the yeast will often be deficient in nutrients. For such cases, yeast nutrients need to be added manually to aid and promote yeast cell growth, increase free amino acid nitrogen (FAN), and ultimately improve fermentation and increase the efficiency of the final product.

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