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Nitrogen generators for pesticide production

Release date:2022-09-02    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Nitrogen generators for pesticide production

What is nitrogen filling?

Nitrogen filling is a process in which nitrogen is added to the tank to fill the space between the top of the tank contents and the top of the storage tank. This is done to avoid the presence of moisture and oxygen in the storage tank. Nitrogen is the most suitable gas to be used for covering because it reacts with other substances to a very low degree. Moreover, it is easy to obtain and very low cost.

Optimal configuration for covering with nitrogen in chemical industry production

1. Safety benefits

Industries involved in or exposed to processes that include flammable, combustible or explosive materials must be mindful of the safety of their employees, equipment and products. Covering with nitrogen provides the most important safety benefits to the user. The covering of nitrogen in tanks is a form of protection for the products. It protects them from contact with oxygen in the air, thus creating a non-combustible environment and preventing explosions and fires in the workplace.

2. Quality Advantages

Sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals are at high risk of product degradation when exposed to moisture, oxygen or contaminants. Nitrogen creates positive pressure in the container, preventing oxygen and other contaminants from causing oxidation or deterioration of the product. Thus, the result is an extended shelf life.

3. Improper handling of flammable or combustible materials

Improper handling of combustible or flammable materials is a serious problem when it comes to safety. Some industrialists mistakenly believe that their operations are safe and do not require any special safety precautions. Covering combustible or flammable products with nitrogen has prevented serious fires and explosions.

We have successfully installed a 25m3/h nitrogen generator at the site of a customer engaged in pesticide/chemical production in Rajasthan. This customer was facing an extreme shortage of nitrogen required for efficient industrial processes. Therefore, they chose us to install an onsite nitrogen generator to obtain uninterrupted high purity nitrogen.

In the chemical/pesticide manufacturing industry, nitrogen coverage helps to protect products and equipment by reducing the oxygen content in the tank vapor space and avoiding the possibility of explosions.

XITE has supplied approximately 2,000 nitrogen generators. We have a list of most nitrogen generators in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. If you need such nitrogen equipment, please contact our sales department or send us your information.

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