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What is a nitrogen generator and why should I buy one?

Release date:2022-09-27    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] What is a nitrogen generator and why should I buy one?

For many businesses, nitrogen is deeply integrated into the workday. Industries ranging from food processing to mining regularly use this resource, and its supply is critical to the core of operations. Unfortunately, traditional nitrogen acquisition requires the procurement, delivery, installation and removal of high-pressure cylinders. The tanks are inefficient, and a late delivery or low supply can bring production to a halt. Not only is this process more expensive than it needs to be, but it also creates more opportunities for workplace injuries.

Nitrogen generators, on the other hand, offer a better alternative. If your company is a regular user of nitrogen generators, consider installing your own to enjoy the wide range of benefits they offer.

On-Site Nitrogen Generators

What is a nitrogen generator?

Before exploring the many benefits of on-site nitrogen production, it's important to know what a nitrogen generator is and how it works. These machines perform a process called pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane technology to extract nitrogen from the air and compress it.

Nitrogen generators provide a continuous stream of pure nitrogen to your production floor and avoid any need to wait for tank deliveries or be subject to supplier pricing. While the resource provided is essentially the same, the nitrogen generator produces nitrogen instead of transporting it in cylinders.

Uses of nitrogen generators

Nitrogen has many applications in a variety of industries. Any industry that currently uses nitrogen tanks, cylinders, dewars, or liquid delivery can benefit from an in-house nitrogen production system. Depending on your industry, nitrogen generators can be seamlessly integrated into your production process in a variety of ways.

One of the most common industries where nitrogen is used is food and beverage production. Nitrogen helps preserve the food in the package and extend its shelf life. This is doubly important for bulk foods that may be stored for longer periods of time, and for foods that do not include preservatives in the ingredient list.

Advantages of owning a field nitrogen generator (nitrogen generator):

Before using the nitrogen generation system on site, many enterprises in the industry have no choice but to buy nitrogen elsewhere. However, the use of on-site nitrogen generator can eliminate all the troubles related to bulk purchase of nitrogen. Our nitrogen generator is an option with the greatest benefit: the average cost of producing nitrogen by ourselves is one-third to one-half lower than the relevant cost of purchasing nitrogen. Using the on-site nitrogen generator system, there is no need to pay the freight when purchasing nitrogen. Our nitrogen generator system usually allows you to recover the cost within 18 months.

In addition to economy, the nitrogen generator system of the on-site nitrogen generator also provides:

Reliability - the nitrogen generator system, that is, the on-site nitrogen generator system, uses the surrounding air to generate nitrogen. Therefore, our customers never have to worry about the shortage of nitrogen. Reduce stress - improve safety through storage. Simple - we make it easy for people without relevant equipment experience. The visual touch screen control can control the stability of gas purity. At the same time, it can operate self diagnosis, visual operation diagram and maintenance plan reminder on the screen. Flexibility - our equipment is small and can be transported under various conditions, so as long as there is air and electricity, the equipment can operate stably anywhere. Fully automatic - once a downstream request is detected, production begins.

Why use XITE nitrogen generator?   Our nitrogen generator system provides reliable on-site nitrogen supply for various industries, which is famous in China and Southeast Asia. Our on-site nitrogen system can produce nitrogen with purity up to 99.999%. For our nitrogen generator, it can meet the nitrogen production in any place and any complex environment. To learn more about the nitrogen generator system and the practical application demand scheme in your industry, please contact us immediately at + 86 18112526805 (consultant).

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