Sewage treatment plant

The dissolved concentration should be kept at 2mg/l, the activated sludge can be kept in good condition, and the treatment effect will be in the best state.

Oxygen generators for water treatment

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Oxygen generators for water treatment


Oxygen generators (PSA oxygen machines, oxygen generators) allow you to produce your own oxygen when and where you need it. By using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to produce oxygen, nitrogen is separated from the oxygen in ordinary air.

At XITE, our oxygen generators (PSA oxygen machines, oxygen generators) have a container that absorbs nitrogen molecules and as the oxygen molecules drift through the container, they are collected in an oxygen receiver tank. The oxygen receiving tank is connected to the oxygen generator and then pressure is released from the container to vent the nitrogen molecules back into the atmosphere. This cycle is repeated in a second container, providing a steady stream of gas to our oxygen generators (PSA oxygen machines, oxygen generators).

Nothing is more important to the survival of every living thing on this planet than water. Access to clean water is a stepping stone to development. If people have access to clean water, they will be able to practice good sanitation and hygiene. However, access to clean water is becoming more difficult every day due to the increasing consumption of water worldwide. People are going to great lengths to obtain the quality and quantity of water they need to cook, drink, bathe, wash and grow their own food.

Oxygen generators (PSA oxygen generators, oxygen generators) are used in water treatment systems in a number of ways, including

Oxygen generators for ozone. There are many different situations in which an oxygen generator for ozone is beneficial. It works as an intake air for your ozone system. It is safe for the environment, which makes it suitable for effectively treating large volumes of water (including ensuring clean drinking water comes out of the tap). A few examples of using oxygen generators (PSA oxygenators, oxygen generators) to treat ozone include making suitable drinking water for animals, cleaning water for equipment, and replacing chlorine with ozone in swimming pools.


Oxygenators for wastewater. Wastewater can come from many different sources - whether it's from an industrial building, a work office or someone's home, it can come from anywhere. By injecting oxygen into wastewater, the ability of bacteria to survive and regenerate can be greatly increased. Oxygen generation systems can provide years of self-sustaining oxygen production - meaning you don't have to deal with the ongoing costs of delivering oxygen produced at low temperatures. Wastewater oxygen generators are also very cost effective and low energy consuming. At XITE, we offer custom-engineered oxygen generators (PSA oxygen generators, oxygen generators), oxygen container systems and oxygen generators (PSA oxygen generators, oxygen generators) (up to 95% purity).

At XITE, we are the experts in oxygen generators (PSA oxygen machines, oxygen generators). Whether you are looking for a help with wastewater, or ozone, we have the water treatment system you need. Our systems are designed to meet your specific purity, pressure and flow requirements.

Advantages of using oxygen generators (PSA oxygen generators, oxygen generators) for water treatment

You can avoid high wastewater charges - Just as there is a charge for consuming clean water, there is a charge for wasting water. Treating wastewater increases the cost to the consumer. Getting an oxygen generator (PSA Oxygenator, Oxygenator) is a wise decision for everyone who wants to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment because of the low cost and output of the generator.

Affordable - Having an oxygen generator (PSA oxygen generator, oxygen generator) is self-sufficient because it frees the user from never-ending bills and worries of obtaining oxygen produced at low temperatures. These generators require low energy, resulting in low expenses.

Produces high purity gas- Oxygen produced by XITE on-site oxygen generators has a purity higher than 93%.

Zero Maintenance - XITE oxygen generators can be maintained without any technical expertise or complex training. And, there is virtually no need to service the machine.

Very easy to use and fast - Compared to other methods, the practice of hydrogenation is not complicated and fast.

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