Food preservation, packaging

It is mainly used in food preservation, refrigeration and other aspects
to ensure that the product gas is sterile, dust-free and odorless, reducing
the aftercare advantage of nitrogen used by food

Benefits of using nitrogen in food packaging

We coume a lot of processed foods without knowing how they are prepared. These foods have become an integral part of modern life. Processed foods need ...

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Improved atmosphere packaging safeguards food freshness

Exposure to oxygen (O2) is one of the reaso for the loss of vitami contained in fruits and vegetables after harvest. Nitrogen (N2) can minimize this l ...

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What is food grade nitrogen and is it safe to use it in food packaging?

One of the things that always comes to our mind when buying a bag of chips is whether we are buying chips or a bag of chips filled with air? And anoth ...

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What is the role of nitrogen in the food and beverage industry?

Food packaging is an important part of the food industry. Only well-packaged food products can satisfy custome. Food industry management needs to eure ...

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Nitrogen applications in dairy packaging

Moisture and oxygen in food packaging have a bad effect on food and cause it to spoil due to bacterial growth. Replacing the air iide the food package ...

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The use of membrane nitrogen generators in fruit cold storage is recognized as the best configuration

One of the most abundant compounds in the air is nitrogen. Due to its various optimal configuratio, it is used in a wide range of different industrie ...

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Nitrogen is an essential gas for modern food packaging

Nitrogen is becoming an increasingly important gas in the food processing industry. The main cause of spoilage in many foods is due to prolonged expos ...

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Installation of 15m3/h nitrogen generator equipment for snack food packaging in eastern China

XITE italled another PSA nitrogen generator unit for our customer in Eastern China for use in the food packaging industry.Custome in the food packagin ...

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Nitrogen use in milk packaging / milk powder retail bag packaging

XITE manufactures high purity nitrogen generato for milk powder packaging and food/grain packaging.Many milk powder produce in China and other countri ...

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