The application of high-tech integrated medical molecular sieve
oxygen production equipment will change the traditional mode that
small and medium-sized hospitals provide oxygen by oxygen plants.
Hospitals can produce oxygen for clinical use.

Introduction of medical oxygen cylinders

The size of a medical oxygen cylinder is measured in lite, and a 10-liter cylinder mea that it can hold approximately 10 lite of water, while a 40-l ...

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What is the use of nitrogen in hospitals?

Nitrogen is a common element in the atmosphere, making up approximately 78% of the atmosphere. Nitrogen has proven to be a professional industrial ga ...

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On-site nitrogen generators for food and pharmaceutical applications with unlimited nitrogen production

Nitrogen generato are manufactured to produce high purity nitrogen, which is taken from the surrounding atmosphere. It is undeniable that approximate ...

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China Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Concentrator for Hospital

China high quality medical oxygen generato for hospitalsChina High Quality Hospital Oxygen Concentrator - China Medical Oxygen Concentrator has been i ...

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Application of medical oxygen in hospitals

Medical oxygen is used in a variety of patient applicatio. But, where exactly is medical oxygen used? Medical oxygen produced by medical oxygen gener ...

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XITE provides high quality medical oxygen generators

An oxygen concentrator is a useful piece of equipment that provides pure oxygen to patients in hospitals. It is more convenient compared to using oxyg ...

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The importance of installing 500 cubic meters of oxygen generator equipment in hospitals

Oxygen concentrato are of great advantage in all hospitals and even health clinics. Therefore, Suzhou XITE has taken the initiative to manufacture ox ...

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Technical characteristics of medical oxygen equipment

Oxygen generato are useful in providing a continuous supply of oxygen to save peoples lives. As a result, many hospitals have abandoned the tradition ...

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Why are PSA medical oxygen generators vital to the medical industry?

Variable Pressure Adsorption or PSA is a modern technology for on-site medical gas generato. Suzhou XITE has mastered this technology to produce the m ...

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