Steel smelting

Widely used in metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic
materials, copper processing, wire mesh, galvanized wire,
semiconductor, powder reduction and other fields. Its advantages
are: fast, high yield, high quality, many varieties and low
investment. Therefore, oxygen blowing method is widely used
in steelmaking such as smoke blown converter, open
hearth furnace and electric furnace.

Requirements for the selection of oxygen generators in the steel industry

Domestic oxygen generator after more than 50 yea of development, starting from 50m3 / h, the development of large oxygen generator, its process aft ...

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Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking

Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking - ULCOSFor more than 25 yea, the steel industry around the world has identified climate change as a major environmental cha ...

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Atmospheric pressure vacuum degassing technology

Today, the secondary metallurgical unit represents a veatile and usable link between the primary steelmaking process and the liquid steel continuous ...

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Welding of carbon and low-alloy steels and hydrogen-induced cracking

Welding of carbon and low-alloy steels and hydrogen-induced crackingArc welding is a process in which steel is joined together by the solution-coagula ...

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Green steelmaking industry

Green SteelmakingSince the Industrial Revolution, the Earths average annual temperature is rising. This is mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels ...

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Hydrogen in steel

Hydrogen in steelHydrogen (H) (atomic number 1, atomic weight 1.008) is a colorless gas. It has a deity of 0.0899 g/l. The melting point of hydrogen ...

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Hydrogen and its applications in the steel industry

Hydrogen and its application in the production of steel industryHydrogen is a chemical element, ranked fit in the periodic table, with the element s ...

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Decarbonization of hydrogen and steel production

Decarbonization of hydrogen and steel productionThe key drive for a sustainable energy future revolve around the need to (1) reduce global carbon diox ...

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Automation, control and modeling of basic oxygen steelmaking

Automation, control and modeling of basic oxygen steelmakingIn basic oxygen steelmaking, the basic oxygen furnace or converter produces liquid steel ...

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