It is mainly used in chemical industry, spandex, rubber, plastic,
tire, polyurethane, biotechnology, intermediate and other industries.

Green hydrogen for industrial application

Pure hydrogen has many uses in industry due to its unique physical and chemical properties. Since pure hydrogen does not exist independently in nature ...

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The most common piping applications for nitrogen

In the past, pipeline cotruction companies typically built the pipes while pipeline service companies provided cleaning, testing, dewatering, dryi ...

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Customized 450M3/H capacity gas dryer for chemical processing industry (3 units)

XITE, has many yea of industry experience in the manufacture of gas generato, gas drye and air dryer equipment.We are fortunate to be able to establ ...

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Oxygen generators for the chemical industry

Oxygen is used in the production of nitric acid, sulfuric acid, other compounds and acids in various chemical industries. In its most active form, ...

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What are the uses of nitrogen in the oil and gas industry?

Nitrogen is a gas that is found in large quantities in the air. It has many applicatio such as food processing, heat treatment, metal cutting, glas ...

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Customized 150m3/h nitrogen generator for a large chemical company

We are pleased to establish business relatio with a large company in the chemical industry. We visited this company in 2017, while supplying 2 PSA ni ...

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Nitrogen as an inert gas in marine applications

Nitrogen is an inert gas with various applicatio in oilfield drilling, well workover and oil and gas well completion phases, as well as in pigging a ...

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Chemical industry - Industrial gas demand in the chemical industry

All three gases produced using XITEs on-site gas generato - nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen - can find use in chemical industry production.NitrogenThe ...

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Nitrogen use in the chemical industry

Chemical and resin manufacturing processes require large amounts of nitrogen. Nitrogen is an excellent inert gas and is used exteively in this industr ...

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