Nitrogen gas source used for processing large-scale integrated circuits,
color TV picture tubes, TV and tape recorder components
and semiconductor components.

The role of hydrogen in industrial production

Hydrogen is a light and highly reactive gas that has many scientific uses. Many industries also need it for different essential purposes. Hydrogen has ...

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XITE nitrogen generators for electronics applications

Moisture and oxygen in food packaging have a bad effect on food and cause it to spoil due to bacterial growth. Replacing the air iide food packages wi ...

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XITE nitrogen generators for electronics industry applications

Nitrogen is one of the key elements that allows manufacture to create a controlled atmosphere and achieve the desired results.Manufacturing electronic ...

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10 cfm PSA oxygen generator for melting battery lead terminals

XITE has supplied a set of oxygen generato to a large group in China. It is one of the large ISO certified manufacture with operatio in industrial and ...

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Nitrogen generators for electronics manufacturing

Our nitrogen generato are used in soldering processes in the electronics manufacturing industry and eure the production of quality products in an iner ...

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XITE nitrogen generators for the electronics industry

Gas Generation, Nitrogen, PSA Nitrogen GeneratoXITE on-site nitrogen generator is ideal for electronic applicatio. Not only does it improve product ...

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Knowledge of high purity gases in the semiconductor manufacturing industry

The semiconductor industry is a huge industry worldwide and continues to grow every year, which mea that the demand for high-purity gases will grow w ...

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On-site nitrogen generators improve the electronics industry

In todays electronic manufacturing, everything is about using surface mount technology. These devices are not only safer and easier to produce than p ...

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Application of nitrogen generator in electronic industry

Electronic manufacturing is a diveified field, including everything from surface mount technology and lead-free soldering to semiconductor production ...

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