Cement and building materials industry

Nitrogen is used as an inert gas for purging coal mills, bag filters and fine coal
bins to help prevent fires and, if needed, for fire mitigation.

How do nitrogen generators for fire sprinkler systems work?

To mitigate the risk of fire outbreaks, building codes often require well-maintained fire sprinkler systems. Unfortunately, these fire protection sy ...

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Nitrogen is widely used in cement plants that use pulverized coal

Inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide are important practical gases for coal-based cement plants as they help in fire protection and fire fi ...

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Nitrogen making machine for cement companies, nitrogen inert gas equipment

XITE supplied a nitrogen inert gas plant to a large cement manufacturing company in China. They needed nitrogen to clean coal mills, bag filte and co ...

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Inerting of coal mills, silos and bag filters in the cement industry

Suzhou XITE is a turnkey designer, manufacturer and supplier of gasification systems for coal mills, silos and bag filte in cement industry producti ...

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Nitrogen generator for cement coal mill with 99.9% purity, 5KG/CM2 working pressure and 90 cfm power

Suzhou XITE has italled a 90 cfm nitrogen generator for the cement coal mill with a purity of 99.9% and an operating pressure of 5 KG/CM2.Suzhou XITE ...

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Extensive use of nitrogen in cement production

Gas Generation, Nitrogen, PSA Nitrogen GeneratorCement is a basic material for building and civil engineering cotruction. The output of the cement i ...

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Supply of nitrogen inert gas plants for large cement companies

PSA nitrogen generator, nitrogen generator, nitrogen gasSuzhou XITE is a turnkey designer, manufacturer and supplier of nitrogen booster for coal m ...

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