Metal welding

Inactive gases are used to protect the molten pool of metal and molten
droplets formed during welding. The metal in the molten pool reacts with the
gas at high temperatures The metal in the molten pool reacts with the gas at
high temperatures to form pores, inclusions and other defects that affect the
quality of the weld. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases form a gas
The melt pool oxidation is prevented by the formation of a gas barrier such as
nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Use of nitrogen in wave or reflow soldering

With the help of an innovative gas separation waste heat concept, nitrogen production becomes a decarbonized system that protects the environment and ...

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Hydrogen purification equipment for metal treatment

Purifier, Hydrogen purification system, H2 purifieuzhou XITE is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of PSA nitrogen generato, hydrogen g ...

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The role of on-site nitrogen generator (PSA nitrogen machine, nitrogen equipment) in reflow soldering over the furnace

Reflow soldering over the furnace charging nitrogen role.1, reduce oxidation (solder surface oxidation and PCB oxidation).2、Improve the wettability ...

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Welding of carbon and low alloy steels and hydrogen causing cracks

Welding of carbon and low-alloy steels and cracking due to hydrogenArc welding is a process in which steel is joined together by the solution-coagulat ...

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Industrial oxygen generators in cutting and welding applications

Oxyfuel combustion is a fuel combustion process that uses pure oxygen rather than air as the primary oxidizer. If the nitrogen component of the air is ...

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