Application of nitrogen in wine and other beverages

Long time exposure to oxygen will cause wine or beverage to turn into vinegar,
which is caused by oxygen converting ethanol in wine into acetic acid.
Winemakers use nitrogen at several points in the brewing process to
prevent this oxidation.

PSA nitrogen generators in the wine industry

[Suzhou XITE Gas] PSA nitrogen generators in the wine industry

During the winemaking process, it is crucial to protect the wine from contact with oxygen. The presence of oxygen promotes the growth of yeast and bacteria, which can lead to spoilage and alter the quality of the final product. For the bottled wine industry, nitrogen can help increase the life of the wine and reduce spoilage. Nitrogen will help preserve flavor and greatly improve shelf life. It is an important tool to help alleviate problems caused by the presence of oxygen and has become the technology of choice due to its affordability and inertness.

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