With high purity oxygen from our 95% PSA on-site oxygen generator, glass
blowers can ensure their torches maintain the proper temperature to
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Use of oxygen plants for glass manufacturing in the glass industry

Release date:2022-10-12    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Use of oxygen plants for glass manufacturing in the glass industry

Melting of glass is one of the main steps in the production of glass materials. Melting glass in a closed chamber requires very high temperatures and a lot of thermal energy. Oxygen is a useful gas to increase the temperature of the combustion process and to speed up the glass production operation.

Suzhou XITE offers the most medium to large size oxygen generator equipment for glass manufacturing, which can be installed at the production site to deliver oxygen instantly.

Advantages of installing oxygen generator equipment for glass manufacturing

The high energy consumption and the generation of large amounts of nitrogen oxides are important production difficulties when manufacturing glass in glass melting tanks. This problem can be solved by using an oxygen heated melting furnace. The oxy-fuel process uses oxygen instead of air in the combustion process. Here are some other advantages.

Less energy costs

Since the oxygen generator uses atmospheric air to produce oxygen, there are no additional costs. Therefore, glass suppliers do not need to spend any extra money to produce oxygen, reducing their overall production costs.

Purer oxygen quality

On-site oxygen generators produce 96% pure oxygen, free of nitrogen and other impurities. As a result, it is very effective in increasing the heat in the glass melting process, making the glass production process faster and smoother.

Longer durability

The molecular sieve of this oxygen generator usually lasts for more than 15 years. Therefore, the user does not need to spend money and effort on the maintenance of this machine, which is a comfort to glass manufacturing companies.

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