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PSA nitrogen generator process overview

Release date:2022-10-15    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] PSA nitrogen generator process overview

PSA nitrogen generator terminology explanation

PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorption, which means: variable pressure adsorption.

PSA is a new gas separation technology, which has been rapidly developed in foreign countries since the late 60s and early 70s, and its principle is to separate the gas mixture by using the difference of "adsorption" performance of molecular sieve on different gas molecules. It uses air as the raw material to separate nitrogen and oxygen from the air by selective adsorption of a high performance, highly selective solid adsorbent.

Process Overview

Currently, carbon molecular sieves and zeolite molecular sieves are used in the field of nitrogen and oxygen production. The separation of oxygen and nitrogen by molecular sieves is mainly based on the different diffusion rates of these two gases on the surface of molecular sieves. The carbon molecular sieve has a very small micropore composition with a pore size distribution between 0.3nm ~ 1nm. The smaller diameter gas (oxygen) diffuses faster and enters the solid phase of the molecular sieve more often so that the enriched component of nitrogen is available in the gas phase. After a period of time, the adsorption of oxygen by the molecular sieve reaches equilibrium, and according to the characteristics of the carbon molecular sieve at different pressures on the adsorption of different amounts of adsorbed gases, the pressure is reduced so that the carbon molecular sieve is released from the adsorption of oxygen, a process called regeneration. The VPS method usually uses two towers in parallel, alternating between pressurized adsorption and depressurized regeneration, thus obtaining an uninterrupted flow of nitrogen gas.

Scope of action

The method of separating nitrogen and oxygen by selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen using carbon molecular sieves as adsorbent, using air as raw material, is commonly known as PSA nitrogen production. This method is a new nitrogen production technology that was rapidly developed in the 1970s. Compared with the traditional nitrogen production method, it has the characteristics of simple process, high automation, fast gas production (15-30 minutes), low energy consumption, product purity can be adjusted in a wide range according to the needs of users, easy operation and maintenance, low operating costs, strong adaptability of equipment, etc., so it is quite competitive in the nitrogen production equipment below 1000m3/h, and is increasingly welcomed by small and medium-sized nitrogen users. PSA nitrogen production has become the preferred method for small and medium-sized nitrogen users.

Advantages of owning a field nitrogen generator (nitrogen generator):

Before using the nitrogen generation system on site, many enterprises in the industry have no choice but to buy nitrogen elsewhere. However, the use of on-site nitrogen generator can eliminate all the troubles related to bulk purchase of nitrogen. Our nitrogen generator is an option with the greatest benefit: the average cost of producing nitrogen by ourselves is one-third to one-half lower than the relevant cost of purchasing nitrogen. Using the on-site nitrogen generator system, there is no need to pay the freight when purchasing nitrogen. Our nitrogen generator system usually allows you to recover the cost within 18 months.

In addition to economy, the nitrogen generator system of the on-site nitrogen generator also provides:

Reliability - the nitrogen generator system, that is, the on-site nitrogen generator system, uses the surrounding air to generate nitrogen. Therefore, our customers never have to worry about the shortage of nitrogen. Reduce stress - improve safety through storage. Simple - we make it easy for people without relevant equipment experience. The visual touch screen control can control the stability of gas purity. At the same time, it can operate self diagnosis, visual operation diagram and maintenance plan reminder on the screen. Flexibility - our equipment is small and can be transported under various conditions, so as long as there is air and electricity, the equipment can operate stably anywhere. Fully automatic - once a downstream request is detected, production begins.

Why use XITE nitrogen generator?   Our nitrogen generator system provides reliable on-site nitrogen supply for various industries, which is famous in China and Southeast Asia. Our on-site nitrogen system can produce nitrogen with purity up to 99.999%. For our nitrogen generator, it can meet the nitrogen production in any place and any complex environment. To learn more about the nitrogen generator system and the practical application demand scheme in your industry, please contact us immediately at + 86 18112526805 (consultant).

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