Application of nitrogen generator in food packaging industry

It is mainly used in food preservation, refrigeration and other aspects
to ensure that the product gas is sterile, dust-free and odorless,
reducing the aftercare advantage of nitrogen used
by food manufacturers.

The wonders of food grade nitrogen

Release date:2022-08-02    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] The wonders of food grade nitrogen

Food Grade Nitrogen

As summer approaches, people are turning to iced coffee and refreshing beverages to cool down.

We manufacture and supply high quality food grade on-site nitrogen generators to meet all your restaurant and industrial needs. As a nitrogen machine manufacturer in China, our company can customize the equipment according to your actual needs, so that you can use it with more confidence and long-term use, which will greatly reduce the cost of investment in labor and material resources.

Improved atmosphere packaging

The sole purpose of food manufacturers is to safely package food and find new ways to extend shelf life without adding toxic ingredients to our snacks and produce. Thanks to modern technology, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) extends the life of packaged foods by slowing the aging process.

Many people think the bag of chips is filled with air, when in fact it is filled with nitrogen. The added nitrogen preserves the chips by reducing oxidation. The nitrogen is added to the bag at the end of the line; special machines ensure that the chip bag has the correct gas mixture. The extra gas in the bag also cushions and protects the chips from turning to crumbs during transport. So the next time you open a brand new bag of chips and are disappointed by a half-full bag of chips, you know why.

Nitro Coffee

Every morning, millions of people enjoy a hot cup of coffee to wake themselves up. In the past few years, a new type of coffee drink has gone mainstream and made a splash. Coffee connoisseurs have embraced nitro coffee, and coffee shops across the country have been quick to offer the nitro coffee experience.

Nitro brewed coffee is prepared by cold brewing the coffee grounds and infusing them with pressurized nitrogen. By using pure nitrogen, it affects the taste and texture, resulting in a smoother flavor and less bitterness. When poured through a pressurized valve in the raw grounds, it produces a creamy and beer-like appearance with a thick head of foam.

Nitro beers

While most beers are infused with carbon dioxide for carbonation, nitro beers are prepared with nitrogen. Nitro beer is poured through a special tap called a restrictor plate that slows the flow of the beer and passes through a disc with small holes that give it an awesome cascading effect.

Because nitrogen is hard to dissolve in liquids, it produces smaller carbonic acid bubbles, giving the nitro beer a different frothy head when poured than CO2-infused beers. A creamy consistency and smoother maltiness are the hallmarks of traditional stouts. As it became more popular, more and more breweries began experimenting with their own versions of nitro beers.

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