Application of nitrogen in electronic industry

Nitrogen gas source used for processing large-scale integrated circuits,
color TV picture tubes, TV and tape recorder components
and semiconductor components.

The role of hydrogen in industrial production

Release date:2022-09-17    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] The role of hydrogen in industrial production

Hydrogen is a light and highly reactive gas that has many scientific uses. Many industries also need it for different essential purposes. Hydrogen has many applications in industry. On-site hydrogen plants are essential to provide a continuous supply of this gas. XITE Company

Industrial uses of hydrogen

Hydrogen is used in many petroleum refineries to produce petroleum products such as diesel and gasoline. It helps to avoid many impurities, such as sulfur, in the final products produced by these refineries.

Different chemical industries need hydrogen to produce important hydrogen-based compounds, such as ammonia and methanol.

Manufacturers of fertilizers and other agricultural products need hydrogen because ammonia is an important component of most fertilizers.

Hydrogen is needed for the manufacture of metal products for atomic hydrogen welding, an important type of arc welding equipment.

● Electronic products, such as semiconductors, display screens and LED lights, require hydrogen for reduction procedures.

● The glass industry needs hydrogen to prevent glass oxidation while manufacturing final products from flat glass.

● The power generation and aviation industries also require hydrogen, which is used as fuel when supplied through pipelines from hydrogen plants.

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