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Principles and operation of PSA on-site oxygen generators

Release date:2022-09-19    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Principles and operation of PSA on-site oxygen generators

We know that air is a mixture of various gases in different proportions. Nitrogen and oxygen are found in abundance in nature and have various uses. China Suzhou XITE uses high technology process to obtain the purest oxygen for industrial needs.PSA oxygen generator is one of the best ways to obtain the required purity of oxygen for industry.PSA oxygen generator is a great boon to industry and medical field because of its utility and application.

Principle: PSA oxygen generators are one of the typical methods of separating oxygen from an air mixture. In order to obtain abundant oxygen, the method utilizes synthetic zeolite molecular sieves that absorb nitrogen, leaving behind concentrated oxygen. Thus, the end product obtained is oxygen.

Working: The PSA oxygen generator works in a simple and effective way. It consists of being uploaded... Two vessels lined with zeolite molecular sieves to absorb nitrogen from the air mixture. The compressed air mixture passes through these vessels and on one of the absorbers, the sieve adsorbs the nitrogen. The remaining oxygen then passes over the sieve and is collected as the final product. This occurs when the first absorber is almost full. During this time, the inlet valve is opened so that the air mixture can flow through the second absorber. The absorber is regenerated by depressurizing the column to desorb the nitrogen. This process continues between the two vessels for production and regeneration. However, the entire process of the PSA oxygen generator is skillfully controlled by the opening and closing of valves.

The oxygen obtained by this method is used by industry for various purposes. Suzhou XITE, China is a manufacturer and supplier of PSA oxygen generators. For many years, we have been designing to meet the needs of various industries for a variety of applications.

Most industry owners prefer to install PSA oxygen generators for the following reasons

The production process is economical and efficient

It is safe

It reduces inventory work

It is available 24*7 or when needed

Does your industry have a need for a PSA oxygen concentrator? Please contact us to find out your needs.

Benefits of having your own on-site oxygen generator:

Before using the oxygen generation system on site, many enterprises have no choice but to buy Oxygen elsewhere. However, the use of on-site oxygen generator can eliminate all the troubles related to bulk purchase of oxygen. Our oxygen generator is an option with the greatest benefit: the average cost of producing oxygen by ourselves is one-third to one-half lower than the cost associated with purchasing oxygen. Using the on-site oxygen generator system, there is no need to pay the freight when purchasing oxygen. Our oxygen generator system usually allows you to recover the cost within 18 months.

In addition to economy, the oxygen generator system of the on-site oxygen generator also provides:

Reliability - the oxygen generator system on site uses the surrounding air to generate oxygen. Therefore, our customers never have to worry about the lack of oxygen. Reduce stress - improve safety through storage. Simple - we make it easy for people without relevant equipment experience. The visual touch screen control can control the stability of gas purity. At the same time, it can operate self diagnosis, visual operation diagram and maintenance plan reminder on the screen. Flexibility - our equipment is small and can be transported under various conditions, so as long as there is air and electricity, the equipment can operate stably anywhere. Fully automatic - once a downstream request is detected, production begins.

Why use Xite oxygen generator?

Our oxygen generator system provides reliable on-site oxygen supply for various industries, which is famous in China and Southeast Asia. Our on-site oxygen system can produce oxygen with purity up to 99.999%. For our oxygen generator, it can meet the oxygen production in any place and any complex environment. To learn more about the oxygen generator system and the practical application demand scheme in your industry, please contact us immediately at + 86 18112526805 (consultant).

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