Application of oxygen generator in medical and nursing fields

The application of high-tech integrated medical molecular sieve
oxygen production equipment will change the traditional mode that
small and medium-sized hospitals provide oxygen by oxygen plants.
Hospitals can produce oxygen for clinical use.

Application of medical oxygen in hospitals

Release date:2022-10-10    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Application of medical oxygen in hospitals

Medical oxygen is used in a variety of patient applications. But, where exactly is medical oxygen used? Medical oxygen produced by medical oxygen generators is used in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), OT (Operating Room). It is also used as a substitute for nitrous oxide during anesthesia to reduce high levels of oxygen exposure. While the source of medical oxygen may be a manifold with a compressed air bottle set, smart hospitals are using medical oxygen generators to receive medical grade oxygen.

How can you build a smart hospital?

Hospitals around the world are realizing this. On-site medical oxygen generators provide a highly reliable and economical solution to patient oxygen needs. It avoids the cost of purchasing, receiving and monitoring the hospital's oxygen supply. Expensive overstock, manual handling injuries and expensive emergency cylinder deliveries all add to the cost. Many times, the oxygen supplier's provider is in a distant location. Delivery of bottled gas can also be very expensive and hospitals can run out of medical oxygen using cylinders. The operator is not taking 24×7 care and therefore, the hospital is responsible for this. As a large manufacturer of medical oxygen generators, XITEch Technologies offers complete medical oxygen generation, storage and distribution systems.

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