Application of oxygen generator in medical and nursing fields

The application of high-tech integrated medical molecular sieve
oxygen production equipment will change the traditional mode that
small and medium-sized hospitals provide oxygen by oxygen plants.
Hospitals can produce oxygen for clinical use.

Introduction of medical oxygen cylinders

Release date:2022-10-17    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Introduction of medical oxygen cylinders

The size of a medical oxygen cylinder is measured in liters, and a 10-liter cylinder means that it can hold approximately 10 liters of water, while a 40-liter cylinder can hold 40 liters of water. The cylinder that can hold as many liters of water is called a () liter oxygen cylinder

The oxygen in the cylinder is in a compressed state

The cylinder is filled with approximately 135-150 atmospheres of pressure.

The larger the volume, the more oxygen it holds

The pressure in a full cylinder is the same, independent of the volume of the cylinder. That is to say, no matter 4 liters of 10 liters or 40 liters of the bottle, the pressure is the same in a full cylinder, if the pressure is the same, the volume size will determine how much oxygen can be contained in the bottle.

How to observe the pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is an instrument that tells us how much pressure is left in the cylinder, and is part of the medical oxygen inhaler, through the pressure gauge we can understand whether the cylinder is full or not, and how much oxygen is left.

How much oxygen can be filled in a medical oxygen cylinder is calculated by the following formula

(volume * 145) = ( ) liters of oxygen.

How much time different medical oxygen cylinders can be used is calculated by the following formula

(amount of oxygen contained in the cylinder (liters) / flow rate per minute) = time of use (in minutes).

The main medical oxygen cylinders circulating in the market nowadays are available in 4-liter, 10-liter, 15-liter and 40-liter sizes. No matter which one you buy, the first thing to consider is whether there is a stable source of medical oxygen. Because the medical oxygen cylinder is just a kind of container we buy it is to use medical oxygen.

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