Application of nitrogen in electronic industry

Nitrogen gas source used for processing large-scale integrated circuits,
color TV picture tubes, TV and tape recorder components
and semiconductor components.

10 cfm PSA oxygen generator for melting battery lead terminals

Release date:2022-08-18    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] 10 cfm PSA oxygen generator for melting battery lead terminals

XITE has supplied a set of oxygen generators to a large group in China. It is one of the large ISO certified manufacturers with operations in industrial and automotive batteries, power electronics, fasteners, sheet metal products and food processing.

They needed oxygen for a post-burner to melt battery lead terminals. The customer purchased the following specifications of oxygen generators from XITE

Purity: 93% +- 3%

Technology: PSA technology

Capacity: 10 cubic meters / hour

Application: Terminal for lead melting

Our oxygen is used in the process known as "post-combustion". Together with LPG, oxygen is used to melt the positive and negative lead terminals of batteries.

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