Application of nitrogen in electronic industry

Nitrogen gas source used for processing large-scale integrated circuits,
color TV picture tubes, TV and tape recorder components
and semiconductor components.

XITE nitrogen generators for electronics industry applications

Release date:2022-08-30    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] XITE nitrogen generators for electronics industry applications

Nitrogen is one of the key elements that allows manufacturers to create a controlled atmosphere and achieve the desired results.

Manufacturing electronics is a complex process that requires a great deal of accuracy. It is a process where there is no room for error. Therefore, establishing a controlled environment regarding temperature, assembly, packaging and timing is necessary.

How does nitrogen create a perfect environment for manufacturing electronics?

Manufacturing electronics using surface mount technology requires the perfect environment. And, in order for soldering to work smoothly, manufacturers need nitrogen because it prevents the presence of oxygen in the environment.

For soldiers, oxygen is an enemy. If it comes in contact with solder, it breaks down its particles and compromises its integrity. When manufacturing electronics, covering the board with nitrogen avoids the possibility of oxygen to ensure a strong solder.

The best configuration for using nitrogen in electronics manufacturing

1. Maintain the ideal atmosphere. Nitrogen is a clean and dry gas. The inertness of nitrogen allows manufacturers to create a stable atmosphere in which the production process can be safe and last all day.

2. Produces clearer results. Nitrogen is an essential element that helps produce sharper results in electronics manufacturing. With N2, there is no trace of oxygen and moisture, and the quality of fixed and assembled components will be optimal.

3. Inhibit oxidation. The presence of oxygen in electronics can be dangerous; therefore, nitrogen is needed to avoid oxygen in the air. Nitrogen reduces the amount of dross in the soldering process. Thus, it provides strength to the solder.

The rising demand for electronic devices in this century has increased the demand for nitrogen gas to a great extent in order to produce better products. To meet this rise in demand, we manufacture nitrogen generators with the latest technology, especially for the electronics manufacturing industry.

XITEc's on-site nitrogen generators are ideal for electronic applications. It improves the quality of the product and the efficiency of the facility, while avoiding dependence on nitrogen cylinder suppliers. We customize our systems to best reflect our customers' unique processes. With a XITE generator, users will be able to ensure safety and quality in a controlled atmosphere, perform leak checks, and optimize their performance.

If you're all set to get in touch with the ease of use and cost savings of an on-site nitrogen generator, get in touch with the Hitter team today! Our team will understand your unique requirements. Our team will understand your unique requirements and get a generator tailored to meet all your needs and provide you with some of the best configurations.

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