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Uses of industrial oxygen generators in various industries

Release date:2022-09-17    author: Suzhou XITE

[Suzhou XITE Gas] Uses of industrial oxygen generators in various industries

In different industries, the oxidation of materials requires oxygen to create the desired end product. XITEc has manufactured industrial oxygen generators that can produce large quantities of oxygen for any industry. It is made of variable pressure adsorption (PSA) technology, which is very useful in gas production.

Atmospheric air is passed through a vessel with a molecular sieve, which absorbs the nitrogen released back into the atmosphere. The air then passes through another vessel with activated alumina to further purify the oxygen for industrial use.

Industries that require oxygen generators for production

● The glass industry requires oxygen to fire furnaces at high temperatures to melt the raw materials needed to produce glass products. Industrial oxygen generators supply oxygen directly to these furnaces through piping.

The paper industry requires oxygen to bleach pulp to form wXITE paper. The delignification of wood also requires oxygen to break down lignin and other plant enzymes to form paper.

● Metallurgy and the production of heavy machinery require oxygen to raise the temperature of the furnace to melt the metal to make the desired item. Welding processes also require oxygen to increase the speed at which they join metal parts.

● Many chemical industries require oxygen to oxidize different chemicals to produce the desired end product. Chemical waste from these units is burned in an incinerator with an oxygen supply.

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